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This morning I awakened to the warmth of sunlight. Its rays introduce me to  an exciting, crisp day, a day with heaping helping of possibility.  Peeking  outside my window, I see the rhythmic dance of leaves.  They gently float through the air to skate upon the earth.  All are signals of seasons changing. Just as seasons change, you own a wonderful power, CHANGE.


Leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Change is essential for your overall growth, enrichment and personal development.  Strategic change aligns you with dynamic destiny.  So, Today, I invite you to  embrace the power of change.

Embrace The Power of Change Action Steps

1.    Take a moment of reflection.
What situations, circumstances, and challenges are you experiencing? Are these serving your overall purpose? If not, see this day as one of creation. Your potential is as you declare it.
2.    Confront what’s not working.

It is a radical truth: You cannot change what you do not face.  Failure to meet a prevalent problem does not by avoidance solve it.  The problem still lingers. So, tell the truth.  What is it that blocks the flow in your life?
3.    Commit to what does work.

You are a remarkable person.  Celebrate your genius! Acknowledge what is working and then continue to shine in it.  Identify what makes this a win for you and then use what you learn to adjust those non-working areas.
4.    Consult the inner wisdom of Holy Spirit.

I have been guilty of ignoring this valuable Resource in my life.  When I quiet myself and ask of Him, the answers begin to flow like rivers of living water.   Make it a habit–Ask for Wisdom and expect to receive. Often, Miracles in life happen when you live in expectation.

5.    Craft a transformation plan.

Let the plan flow from your thoughts, in your heart, through your fingers as you capture them on paper. Visit your plan often to stay on track.  Then be a ROCK STAR and
6.    Carry it out! Take action!!!


When will you  reflect, re-examine, re-connect, and realize your power?

I love to hear from you.  Please consider leaving a comment below.  What are some ways that you use to embrace your power to change?  What new commitment are you  making to grow, develop, and be your brilliance?